Caoimhín O Raghallaigh - Fiddle

If you're wondering how to pronounce my name, try "Kwee-veen Oh Rye Allah" on for size. It's not quite right, but as a first attempt it's not too shabby. I make music on a 10-string fiddle called the hardanger d'amore, and I travel the world as a solo musician, in duos with Dan Trueman, Mick O'Brien and Brendan Begley, and as a member of The Gloaming and This is How we Fly.

I've had the extraordinary pleasure of performing on some of the most beautiful stages in the world, including the Sydney Opera House, the Royal Albert Hall and the Lincoln Center, although some of my favourite performances have been much more intimate and ephemeral events, special one-off things invented by friends. I live in Dublin, and love it for the place and the people. 

There are twelve recordings to my name so far, ranging from quite traditional to fairly out there. I enjoy both equally, playing the old music that I love, and exploring the region where traditional music begins to disintegrate.

Fiddle Course

- 3 hours (2 x 1.5 hours) of group classes per day for 5 days

- 1 individual masterclass during the week

- A house concert featuring Caoimhín and local artists

- Opportunities throughout the to discuss the theoretical, technical, performative, professional aspects of fiddle playing

- Chording, Droning, Ornamentation and Technique



Accommodation, Food and Activities 

- Accommodation for 5 nights in an Irish speaking and musical household

- Breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening snack using top quality locally sourced ingredients

- Seaweed baths and massages available

- 7 miles from Dingle town

- 3 minutes walk from the sea and heritage sites

- Hill walking and guided walks available