Cormac Begley & Jack Talty 17/04/2017

Cormac Begley & Jack Talty 17/04/2017

Jack Talty and Cormac Begley carry a wealth of musical heritage from west Clare and west Kerry respectively. The masterful weaving of regional styles inherent in their duet playing, ranging over fiveoctaves, has defined the ir inimitable and unmistakable duet sound, a considerable achievement for two musicians still in their mid 20s.The combination of baritone and concert pitch concertinas allows a creative and playful freedom to explore a variety of tones and colours, an a pproach that has been described as a Renaissance of the concertina in Irish traditional music. Talty and Begley's seminal recording, Na Fir Bolg , recorded over four evenings in St. Nicholas' Collegiate Church Galway, draws on material from their respecti ve musical strongholds. This concertina duet displays a dynamism and mastery of a varied repertoire, evident from the subtle approach to Joe Bane's and the Gypsy Princess barndances, to the wild exuberance of Kerry slides, Johnny O Leary's and If I had a wife.

Na Fir Bolg has been highly acclaimed both nationally and internationally. "In this recording Cormac and Jack have produced music that pays homage to the beauty of the melody in a way that is neither flashy nor overproduced for letting the tune unfold and also allowing subtle but powerful rhythm to be part of their music. The balance between being slavishly beholden to tradition and being personally creative is a difficult balance to maintain. This recording is a fine example of this balance being beautifully expressed."

Concertina Course

- 3 hours (2 x 1.5 hours) of group classes per day for 5 days

- 2 individual masterclass during the week

- A house concert featuring Cormac and Jack and local artists

- Opportunities throughout the to discuss the theoretical, technical, performative, professional aspects of concertina playing

- Chording and rhythm

- Ornamentation and technique

- Polka, Reels, Jigs, Hornpipe, Slow air and Slide playing

- West-Kerry and Clare repertoires

  Accommodation, Food and Activities

- Accommodation for 5 nights in an Irish speaking and musical household

- Breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening snack using top quality locally sourced ingredients

- Seaweed baths and massages available

- 7 miles from Dingle town

- 3 minutes walk from the sea and heritage sites

- Hill walking and guided walks available

Course Details

Course Date 17-04-2017 9:00 am
Course End Date 21-04-2017
Available place 5
Cut off date 06-04-2017
Individual Price €350.00
We are no longer accepting booking for this course

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