Dominic Keogh - Traditional Dry Stone Walling

Dominic Keogh is a Stonemason from Kilmovee, County Mayo,an area with a rich cultural and built heritage, right on the borders of North Roscommon and South Sligo. Inspired by the rocky and rugged landscape around him, and intrigued by the Stonewalls and buildings that dotted the landscape, Dominic began to learn the Craft of Dry Stone Walling from older men in the area, hoping to preserve the few fragments of knowledge and skills that were left. Dominic has always strived to incorporate the traditional, and distinctly Irish elements of his early influences into every project he undertakes, be it a heritage restoration project or a new building. Dominic is also an active member of the Dry Stone Wall Association of Ireland, an organisation that is dedicated to preserving and teaching the craft of Dry Stone Walling in Ireland through various projects and festivals, and collaborations with walling associations abroad. Through his passion for his craft and culture, Dominic hopes to inspire others to see the landscape around them through a new perspective, with hands on, practical knowledge of how the Dry Stone Walls of Ireland, such an integral part of our landscape, were actually built.